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Welcome to Morning Worship for Trinity 12

22 August 2021

Our Sunday morning service for Sunday 22 August will be held on Zoom starting at 10:30 but will also be streamed to this page if you prefer to watch without actively participating from about 10:25. The YouTube recording will remain available to watch afterwards. You can also watch the service on our Facebook page if you prefer.



If you would like to join us for our Sunday Worship this morning on Zoom, please click on the link below




The same codes will also enable you to join us in our Zoom Coffee Bar after the service. We do NOT stream the Coffee Bar so the broadcast on here will stop when the service finishes and you will need to come to Zoom if you wish to join us.


Although all the words of the service will appear on-screen, you can also download .PDF versions of the service and the readings from below.


You can download the Order of Service in .PDF format

by clicking here

You can download the Readings in .PDF format from Saturday evening

by clicking here

If you are watching our worship with a younger member of the family, you might care to also watch the short Reflection called "Where would we bo?" provided by our friend Margaret Pritchard Houston from the Diocese of St Albans.