Welcome to our Christmas Morning Online Communion Service - 25th December 2021

Our Sunday morning Communion Service will be streamed to here from YouTube on Sunday 25th December, the broadcast will begin at approximately 10:15am, and the service will start at 10:30 am


If you wish to join in the Communion, please have a small piece of bread and a small glass of wine (or fruit juice) to hand.


This service will also be broadcast on our Facebook Page and after it finishes, you are also welcome to join us in our Zoom Virtual Coffee Bar after the service at approximately 11:35am.



Our Zoom Virtual Coffee Bar has now closed
































For the Young and the Young at Heart


Margaret Pritchard Houston, our friend in the Diocese of St Albans has published this video for Sunday 26th December. We are publishing it here in case you would like to watch it over this weekend.